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Jasmine and son Noah

Warmth, unconditional love, happiness.

After completing a large void in an uncertain journey, I have come to a place of happiness.

Becoming pregnant at the young age of fifteen is definitely frowned upon and seen as a poor life choice, but for me, it was the opposite. Falling pregnant at a young age did not put a dampener on my life, it caressed and shaped my life into something wonderful. Fifteen year old me was lost and taking paths into dark and untasteful spaces, becoming pregnant changed that path.

Summer and daughter Aliyah Rose

To me, it seems to be a name or label given to those who have had a child under the age of 20. To me, it seems like somewhat of a stereotype, as if age puts these people in a different grouping from the rest of the population who have children. To me, ‘teen parent’ seems to be used more often in a negative way, spoken with a change of tone, in a bad manner, and, portrayed, through statistics, as a problem.